Pictures of America

I didn’t take a great many pictures whilst in America, I was mainly just trying to absorb the places I was passing through instead of capturing them all. There were so many opportunities to stop, get off my bike, get my GoPro out (hence the fish-eye effect on all the photos!), take a picture, put it away and get back on my bike, but if I had taken them all I would have covered far less ground over the nine weeks I was there. Some moments were just too beautiful to miss, so here they are, I hope you enjoy them.

DCIM100GOPROThis scene in Downtown New York City struck me because of the virtual complete lack of anything green growing: the concrete jungle indeed
DCIM100GOPROThis was taken on my first day in West Virginia (I was there for about two weeks in total), after I’d found a place to sleep far up on the hill to the left. Carrying all my gear up was thirsty work so I went down to the stream I had been following all day to wash and collect water
DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROBoth of the above two photos show New York City at night from beside the Central Park lake. This was my second night in the States, and the following morning I left the city
DCIM100GOPROI took this picture because I had never seen plants like these before: is it grass or a type of fern, or maybe weeds? In any case the light was beautiful and the cold Sun of later October shone down
DCIM100GOPROThe Intrepid, a colossal warship moored in Hudson River. What I love about this picture is the tiny man paddle-boarding just to the left. The contrast in size and style is wonderful
DCIM100GOPROThis unpaved road led me for about four days through a ‘designated wilderness area’, a.k.a the back end of absolutely nowhere. The hazy sky is because of the rain and the Sun burning through the lower, thinner clouds
DCIM100GOPROI’ve actually used this picture already in my last post: it’s the beach I found on my first day of cycling out of New York. A huge squabble of seagulls (great collective noun!) was circling above my head as the Sun went down between the banks of cloud
DCIM100GOPROI have no idea what this bug is, it could be a dragonfly but they don’t have the antenna that this thing has. Weird. Taken in Massachusetts at the top of a mountain on the morning of my 22nd birthday!
DCIM100GOPROMy favourite sign…
DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROTaken in upstate New York, this beautiful place served as a diving pool, waterslide and bath (literally: the stone is easily eroded by the water, making bathtub-like grooves). The weather was horrifically hot and sticky, so it was a welcome find
DCIM100GOPROLake Watauga, Tennessee. I took from this from right outside my tent in the morning. The state campsite I was in was technically closed, but this just meant I had the whole place to myself and didn’t have to pay!
DCIM100GOPROThe magnificent Blue Ridge Parkway, which winds its way through North Carolina and Virginia for 470 miles. The whole way the views were like this, and natural springs of water poured across the road, so clean they could be drunk
GOPR0174.JPGI stayed with a wonderful man called Ward on top of a mountain in the Catskill Mountains, NY. This was the view from his garden during the sunrise. The campfire makes it seem like it’s evening but I had got it going from the previous night’s embers when I woke up

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